Bodrum Transfers

The transfer service, which is the luxury option of the transportation service and offers a pleasant journey with personalized driver options, is important in terms of prestige. Hotels prefer our company to meet the tourists in the best way and to organize city tours. In addition, Bodrum  transfers  service is preferred for welcoming businessmen who are important for the business world  .
VIP car rental with private chauffeur is one of the best options for welcoming special guests outside of the tourism or business world.
Vip Transfer Vehicles Are Specially Designed
The  general features of Bodrum transfer service, which turns the tiring journey into a pleasant one,  are as follows:
1- First of all, the most important issue of the transfer service is a VIP style luxury vehicle. These vehicles have a special interior design and are specially designed.
2- Unusual designed VIP style vehicles are used by professional drivers. These drivers organize a special welcome ceremony within the framework of courtesy rules.
3- Transfer service is available from the address you want to the address you want, from the airport to the address and only in the departure category.
In this service, which is carried out with practical methods, you can travel intercity if you want.
Invaluable Luxury Vehicles at Your Service
It may be difficult to purchase expensive vehicles, but you can rent these vehicles if you want. Moreover, specially designed VIP vehicles that can be rented with private drivers offer you an extraordinary travel opportunity. You can meet your loved ones in the best way with the Bodrum transfers service with effective features. In this category, besides public transport options, sedan and hactback vehicle options can also be rented. The options in the vehicle fleet have luxurious and comfortable features.
Our specially designed VIP vehicles in welcoming tourists and other categories have become one of the most important features of the transfer service. With the city tour and address-to-address transfer service, your transportation problem will be completely eliminated.
Our company, which has made a name for itself in this sector, continues to offer four seasons of service. You will not feel the negative air outside with our heated, air-conditioned, abs and other fully featured vehicles. After getting off the plane, you can enjoy your ride in the back seat.
Vehicle Expenses Are On Us
One of the most important differences of the transfer service is that the customer is only responsible for the transfer fee.
Our company is responsible for the following costs of the transfer vehicle:
1- Motor Vehicle Tax
2- Compulsory Insurance and Insurance
3- Industrial Maintenance
4- Cleaning the vehicle
5- Traffic fines, traffic operations
The person who hires the Bodrum Transfers vehicle can benefit from the opportunities of our vip style vehicle throughout the journey. TV, refrigerator and special leather seats are among the most prominent features of our VIP style vehicles with extraordinary features.
Pricing Process
In this sector, transfer distance is the most important issue that determines the price. Issues such as airport pick-up and vehicle model are among the issues that directly affect pricing. On the other hand, if the customer wants a city tour, tour operations are charged separately. Our company, which prefers customer satisfaction, sends luxury transfer vehicles to your address whenever you want. You can contact us to welcome guests and drop them to the desired address.
You can choose an online vehicle
By visiting our site, you can choose the vehicle you want from the luxury vehicle fleet of our fleet. Vehicle models such as public transportation, sedan and hactback can be preferred in preference options. It is enough to call us for welcoming parties, welcoming guests and welcoming special guests for the business world.
Local or Intercity Transfer Options
Experienced staff of our company also consider intercity transportation options as well as urban transportation operations. Our experienced drivers are always ready for duty in the urban transport and intercity transport category. We continue to serve with the same performance in hot summer months or cold winter days.

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