SSS Help

1- İf my flight is delayed,do you charge extra?
We dont charge any extra fees because we have personnel following the flight situation before.
2-What should i do if my fight is cancelled?
If the cancel is my flight, please contact us via phone (please see contact numbers on our website) or write us at using the email from your request. You can also contact us via online chat.  
3-What shall I do if the driver hasn’t met me?
Should you fail to get the driver on the phone, please, report this situation to the support team. We will try to find another driver for you or return your money. The return time is 7 business days.
4-Can I trust the drivers found by me on
We only work with trusted contractors: we study their certificates, monitor the validity period of their driving licenses and insurance policies. Among other things, customers of our service always evaluate drivers’ performance. We analyze users’ feedback and go on working only with those contractors whose order history is flawless.
5-Can i cancel my reservation?
Yes,you can cancel your reservation without paying any cancellation fees.
6-What are your payment options?
Our payment options are cash,credit card and wire transfer to account.

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