Datca transfers

Datca transfers
  Datça is a holiday center preferred by holidaymakers who want to spend a quiet holiday, located on the Datça Peninsula, in the province of Muğla  . If you have decided to spend your holiday in this beautiful holiday center, we, as Seven & Star, will be   happy to serve you on your journey from Bodrum to Datça with our VIP vehicles, friendly staff and customer satisfaction oriented luxury service perspective. 
Is your flight over Bodrum? Did you want to see Datça while on vacation in Bodrum? Do you want to spend some of your holiday in Datça? Do you have any doubts about transportation from Bodrum to Datça?
   Every year, millions of people flock to the Aegean region to take a vacation. Some of these vacationers set out to reach the region where they want to go by private vehicles, some by bus and some by plane. Although you go on holiday to have a comfortable time, transportation from the terminals or airports to the area where you will spend your holiday can be a pain. Seven & Star  offers you this comfort on such days when you will want to spend a short time comfortably throughout the year  .
    You spent a part of your holiday in Bodrum and you want to stay in Datça for a while, but don't you want to waste time during your transfer from Bodrum to Datça? You will feel like a star with Seven & Star  Bodrum Datça transfer  service.
   Many people wonder what to do in    Datça . Although our staff will give you tips on this issue, let's give you a few tips here. Datça is a town that smells history like iodine in its sea. When you come here, you can visit the ancient city of Knidos from historical places.
From the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea to Simi Island, you can experience a day trip with a park. Windmills are one of the most interesting places in Datça. Windmills were built because the district is in a very windy location. Those who come here to take pictures are quite a lot.
You can get enough of history and nature in Eski Datça, a village where life has been preserved since ancient  times. The house that Orhan Yücel called the House of Can is also in this village. Here you can see some items belonging to Can Yücel. You can enjoy the sea and sunbathing during the day and shop at the organic market set up in the district on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Palamutbükü Bay and Beach are the most frequent destinations for vacationers to swim and cool off. Apart from that, you can swim by taking advantage of the facilities in Gebekum Beach, which is known to create different types of sand by eating the sand on the beach by a kind of microorganism.
Another thing that comes to mind when it comes to Datça  is honey and almond. While wandering around the district, you can see almond trees everywhere. Likewise, honey is also very famous. Here you can buy honey and almond products from roadside stalls or cooperatives.
    You just decide where you want to go, leave the rest to  Seven & star  assurance. When you want a luxury transfer service from Bodrum to Datça  , we are as close to you as a phone call. We serve our valued guests with luxury interior equipment and additional features, Mercedes Vito, Sprinter, Volkswagen Caravelle, Transporter, Crafter and more. We wish you a good trip.

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