Bodrum Izmir Airport Transfer

Bodrum Izmir Airport Transfer
Enjoy Seven & Star privileges for highly comfortable vehicles in your intercity and inner-city transfers!
 Seven & Star is here for safe and comfortable transfers of you and your loved ones! Our company provides services for your VIP transfer needs with all legal permissions and documents. Our vehicles are Mercedes Vito and Sprinter vehicles. We do not provide services other than this. Because we consider your comfort as a priority.
 Cities You Can Get Service
 We provide services for all your inner and outer city transfers in the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Aydin, Mugla and Antalya.
 You must log in to page for reservation. You must specify your pickup and destination points in the area you encounter. For example, if you want to take advantage of the Izmir airport transfer service from Bodrum,  you should choose Bodrum as your pick-up point and Izmir airport transfer point as your destination.
 After that, you should choose a date for your Izmir transfer. After selecting your date, you will be asked for the number of people. After completing this part, you will be directed to another page for your travel information. In this section, you will see a form. You must fill in the passengers' information and the journey details. At the same time, you must enter your HES code so that the Covid-19 measures are not interrupted. After choosing your payment method and making your payment, you can wait for your Izmir transfer.
 You can request a reservation by calling +90 0850 259 79 77 as another booking method. You will be asked for the information about the passengers and the journey you will take in your transactions on the phone. After that, your reservation will be completed. Have a good trip!
How Does the Transfer Service Work?
For any reason, you can request a transfer service when you come to Bodrum Izmir Airport Transfer side. It is very easy to contact our company and make an appointment. After communicating with the phone, our company determines the vehicle according to your appointment and our service starts. In the transfer service, an arrangement is provided by keeping the demands of our customers in the foreground. For example, we start our transactions according to where you want to be met.
Some of our customers may request a welcome from the airport, and some of our customers at another location. We have a system that can greet you wherever you want, 7 days 24 hours. After this welcome process, we provide transportation to the places you want as  Bodrum Izmir Airport Transfer.
All Details About Our Vehicle Fleet 
As Bodrum Izmir Airport Transfer, we have many different vehicle models within our structure. Thus, we can offer a wide variety to our customers who choose us for transfer service. In addition to vehicles that you can use individually, we also have vehicle models that you will be comfortable with during your group visits.
Your preferences regarding vehicle models directly affect the prices. However, we should be able to state that you do not have any concerns about the affordable prices we offer as a company. Regarding the vehicles you will prefer, all the equipment is done and the vehicle is cleaned and then we welcome you. So you can request the vehicle you want from our company with peace of mind.
Address of Reliable Transfer
Especially those who want to receive a transfer service for a business trip or to meet any guest may have concerns about whether the service is reliable. Because many different transfer problems experienced can cause such questions to come to mind. First of all, we should mention that you should trust Bodrum Izmir Airport Transfer company, leaving aside all the bad transfer experiences you have experienced so far. Since our company has been running this business for years, it has a highly experienced and knowledgeable team.
All regulations of our vehicles regarding the health of customers are made. All details such as vehicle insurance, seat insurance, car seat are arranged. Apart from this, we are duly performing all the necessary services regarding the service quality to be expected from the company.

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