Bodrum to Söke Transfer

  Söke is a district of Aydın province, with a settlement dating back to 500 B.C., famous for its historical visit points. If you have decided to spend your holiday in this beautiful holiday center,  as Sevenandstar  , we will be happy to serve you with our VIP vehicles, friendly staff and customer satisfaction oriented luxury service perspective on your journey from Bodrum to Söke.
Is your flight over Bodrum? Did you want to see Söke while on holiday in Bodrum? Do you want to spend some of your holiday in Söke? Do you have any doubts about transportation from Bodrum to Söke ?
   Every year, millions of people flock to the Aegean region to take a vacation. Some of these vacationers set out to reach the region where they want to go by private vehicles, some by bus and some by plane. Although you go on holiday to have a comfortable time, transportation from the terminals or airports to the area where you will spend your holiday can be almost an ordeal.
Sevenandstar offers you this comfort on such days when you will want to spend a short time comfortably  throughout the year  .
    You spent a part of your holiday in Bodrum and you want to stay in Söke for a while, but don't you want to waste time during your transfer from Bodrum to Söke? You will feel like a star with Sevenandstar  Bodrum Söke transfer  service.
    Many people wonder what to do in Söke. Although our staff will give you tips on this issue, let's give you a few tips here. Among the places to visit in Söke, the Old Doğanbey Village, where the Greeks lived before the exchange, is on the opposite side of the mountain where Kuşadası National Park is located. You can visit this village with stone houses and sea views. You can go trekking by following one of the walking routes passing through this historical village. After this village, which especially attracts the attention of nature photography enthusiasts, you can see the Church of St.
Nicholas and the section of Kemiklik in the village of Güllübahçe, which is also an old Greek village.
After Güllübahçe, you can visit the ancient city of Priene, which was an old port city but now far from the sea. This city, which has the potential to replace today's Şirince, is the best example of old city planning. Apart from these, Karine, Magnesia Ad Maeandrumi Myos, Milet and Didyma Ancient Cities are among the places liked by the visitors.
You can have a rest by visiting Bafa Lake and Karine Lake, which are also close to some ancient cities. Camel wrestling is held in Söke as an event. If you coincide your trip with the event time, it will be a different memory for you. When it comes to food, you can taste Söke's famous tahini pita. In addition, other pitas also stand out with their abundant ingredients and taste.
Sweet yeast bread is a product that is tasted by visitors as it is unique to Söke. Another famous taste of Söke is garbage shish with its different presentation. You can taste it at the restaurants on the road or at the rubbish skewer restaurants in the center. You can go to Wonderland to entertain your little kids.
    You just decide where you want to go, leave the rest to  Sevenandstar  assurance. When  you want a luxury transfer service from Bodrum to Söke , we are as close to you as a phone call. We serve our valued guests with luxury interior equipment and additional features, Mercedes Vito, Sprinter, Volkswagen Caravelle, Transporter, Crafter and more. We wish you a good trip.

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