İzmir Airport Transfers

İzmir Airport Transfer
Since Izmir is a port city, it is a region where many companies from all over the world work together. This feature causes a large number of foreign delegations to make business trips every period of the year. Our company carries out the transfer of incoming guests to the business trip region by meeting them at the airport. In our Izmir Airport transfers services, we allocate the best transfer vehicles according to the number of incoming passengers. Our company is preferred by many companies in Izmir region and we are asked to provide the most secure transportation services to our customers. We live in comfort with our luxury vehicles.
Our Service Solutions
 Our company continuously renew itself for Izmir Airport transfer and creates service solutions with its experienced personnel. Business visits or tourist purposes as the arrivals, at least 3 hours prior to contact with our company, we are ready to make our vehicles at any time. When creating service solutions, we create our vehicle options according to the requested services and offer them to our customers. 
 Our service solutions include:
 * Vip transfer
* Airport transfer
* Personal transfer
* One-way transfer
* Round trip transfer
We determine the appropriate options for personal or corporate applications and offer them the type of service our customer chooses.
Early Booking
 In our services in our Izmir service region, we apply discounts on early bookings to enable people to receive services at more economical prices. We want you to make your reservations at least 3 hours before your arrival time via our company, website or call center. We offer a 10% discount on early bookings. 
 When creating a reservation, you should use the following information:;
 * Membership to our website
* Login to membership account
* Where we will meet you
• Destination
• One-way transfer
* Round trip transfer
* Additional service types (child seat etc. as)
When you book early, you can choose from the vehicles in our fleet. We plan vehicles according to the reservations made.
Luxury Vehicle Preference
 Those who want to feel privileged and who want to experience the comfort during the transfer process prefer our luxury vehicles and choose vip transfer services. In our Vip transfers, the seat system in our minibus model vehicles is specially designed and features such as hot and cold beverage cabinet, television, reclining seat are available in the vehicle. As seven and star transfer, most of the vehicles in our fleet consist of luxury vehicle types. Our Vip transfer services ensure customer satisfaction and secure transportation along with comfort.
Airport Transfer Services
 When our company is preferred for Izmir Airport transfers services, you can choose vehicles for personal or crowded groups. In all our services, we allocate our vehicles to our customers together with their drivers, making them comfortable during the journey. In our airport transfer services, the aircraft begins to wait at the airport according to the time of landing, and when the time of service comes, our staff informs the customer by phone where they are waiting. It helps to get this service fast. Our staff are helping carry items and luggage, placing items in the vehicle.
One Way
 Airport services are mostly used as one-way routes. When domestic or foreign guests do not set the return date, they receive one-way service from our company and provide their transfers to any place they wish. They can request a one-way service from their hotel to the airport when they have set their return date if they wish. Those with Arrival and return dates can use our round-trip service option.
Determination Of Transfer Prices
 In our transfer services at Izmir airport, we try to offer discounted price options to our customers. We determine our Transfer rates according to the destination km. Options such as one way, round trip, early booking vary prices. We offer extra discounts on early bookings. The type of vehicles selected is still a method used in determining prices. We do not charge our customers for the first one-hour extra wait at the airport. Additional charges are determined by time for waits of more than an hour.

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