Didim Transfers

Didim Transfers
Didim, which is located in the Aegean region and is among the most beautiful tourist resorts in Turkey, welcomes many tourists every year with its clear sea water, long beaches and beaches, immaculate air. Transportation to Didim by air can be via Izmir airport or Milas - Bodrum Airport. Transfer services stand out as the most convenient way to reach Didim from these airports. As Sevenandstar transfer, We offer Didim transfers services to you with many options and we respond to all your demands and needs in a seamless manner.
Didim Transfers Booking
Sevenandstar transfer offers booking services through our travel consultants located in our call center or our online site. We offer all kinds of services such as fast booking, free cancellations or changes within the scope of our services offered in many different languages. We provide active support on our 24/7 call center and our online site, providing you with the opportunity to choose the transfer option and Transfer Tool you wish.
Our Transfer Vehicles
As a company, we use equipment suitable for transfer, high technology and high-class vehicles in every class vehicle we use in economic, private, vip transfer operations. We serve you with trained and specialist drivers in these vehicles, from service operations to timely maintenance.
 Our Services
 As a company, we diversify our transfer services that we offer from Didim Airports to Didim and thus provide a broader service.
 These services are;
 • Economic, ie shared transfer, in this method, we carry more than one of our guests in the same vehicles.
• Transfer by private vehicle. In this method, we realize the private transfer service for you, your family or friends with the vehicle you prefer.
• Vip transfer, in this service, we are transferring with private vehicles in extremely luxurious conditions.
• We provide transfer service with special conditions to our guests who have physical disabilities in this service.
Sevenandstar offers all transfer services fast, time-planned, attentive and under elite conditions with the difference of transfer and we work to your satisfaction.
Planned Working System
As a company, we act in every part of our Didim transfers services as planned. We make requests from you as a priority point in all stages from booking to transport and in this way we offer transfer service focused on the needs and demands of our guests. As a result of the planned operation, we can provide a very punctual and complete transfer, and we do not allow the formation of glitches or errors.
Reliable Transfer Operations
 Sevenandstar Transfer quality and difference between the airports and Didim within the scope of the transfer operations carried out;
* Seat insured and reliable transfer service
* Airport reception service
* In-car refreshments
* Top class air-conditioned vehicle
* Free Wi-Fi
 We offer advantages such as, we offer transfers from the airport to your door or from your door or point of departure to the airport.
Qualified Service
 We serve you for your comfort and satisfaction, from our travel consultants working in our call center, to our friends who work in welcoming, operation, human resources and experienced drivers who provide transportation. In these transfer operations that we offer reliably, we always offer a friendly and highly qualified transportation service.
Economic Advantages
 Within the scope of professional services of our Sevenandstar transfer company, we work diligently in Didim transfers operations, and we carry out solution-oriented activities with seamless transfers. We always make budget-friendly planning in transfer transactions offered with Sevenandstar transfer quality. We also offer our services that each guest can reach with various transfer options. We also provide convenience to our guests with various alternative options in payment transactions.

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