Istanbul Havalimanı Transfers

Istanbul Havalimanı Transfers
Due to its new location and location, Istanbul Airport takes time and transportation to the city center. As Sevenandstar transfer company, we offer our best services to save people from this trouble. Our company, which provides Istanbul Airport transfer services, serves all domestic and foreign passengers. In order to get service, it is sufficient to reach our company through our call center numbers. You can choose the vehicle you want by contacting our company and provide comfortable transportation from the airport to your desired location, hotel or different places.
Our services
We offer all services with our different vehicle types in our Istanbul Havalimanı Transfers operations. While we offer safe travel services with our experienced drivers, we also provide interpreters for foreign guests coming from abroad. As Sevenandstar transfer company, we provide our transfer services in one-way or two-way way between the airport and the destination and the destination and the airport. While creating your service request, you can choose the type of service. We prepare our best vehicles together with their drivers according to the dates and times determined by our customers, and ensure that they are at the desired location.
Online Service
In order to provide our customers with easier and higher quality services, we provide information about our services and provide reservations through our site. On the home page of our website, you can request service by choosing the place to transfer, in the Find suitable vehicle section.
• Login to our site
• Choose the appropriate vehicle section
• Where can we get you
• Where should we leave you,
• One direction
• Round trip
• Number of children, infants
After entering data in this section, the reservation button will open at the bottom and by selecting this button, you create your service request.
Safe and Fast Transfer
As Sevenandstar transfer, we provide fast and secure transfer service between the airport and the city center and the city center and the airport in our service area, Istanbul. We provide our fast transfer services with our drivers who know Istanbul city center very well. Our drivers, who can use alternative roads according to the traffic situation, will take you wherever and whenever you want. In order to provide safe services, we use vehicle insurance and insurance and experienced personnel. Our industry experience provides confidence in all our services.
Our Vehicle Fleet
Our company has a wide fleet capacity for Istanbul Airport transfer services. While creating our vehicle fleet, we consider the demands of our customers. We try to provide comfort by including the best models of the best brands.
The vehicle classes in our fleet are as follows;
• Passenger cars
• Vip vans
• Specially designed buses
We constantly update our fleet and ensure the renewal of models. We offer confidence and comfort together with our well-maintained and latest model vehicles.
Vip Transfer For Comfort
Those who are fond of luxury and comfort can request vip transfer service from our company for all transportation operations. Those who come to Istanbul Airport for various reasons, those who want to reach their destination in the city center on time and spend their journey comfortably can contact our company immediately. We offer comfortable services with our vip vehicles with different designs according to the number of passengers. We offer our VIP transfer services for single passengers, family or group of friends with suitable price options according to the distance of the destination.
Why Us?
We offer trust, comfort, speed and quality together in passenger transfer transactions. As Sevenandstar transfer, we become a preferred company in all our service regions, as we attach importance to customer satisfaction. Giving importance to the customer with the friendly services of all our staff and offering the best solutions to all their demands brings our company to an important position in the sector. The comfort of the vehicles we use in our Istanbul Airport transportation services satisfies our customers. The additional services we offer to our passengers show your difference. We provide the best information on our website.

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