Istanbul Transfers

Istanbul Transfers
As Sevenandstar transfer company, we provide Istanbul transfers service to ensure that people who come to Istanbul reach their desired destination. Depending on the reservations made by our customers, we reach their destination on time and ensure that they reach the address they specified during the reservation.
We Offer Comfortable Travel Opportunity
We offer a comfortable journey to our customers who prefer our Sevenandstar transfer company. In our fully equipped vehicles, our customers get the chance to go wherever they want without getting bored during the journey. We provide service with our cars, which are insured . We maintain our vehicles on time so that they do not cause any accident. As we care about the safety of our customers, we take all necessary precautions during the journey. Since our customers who prefer our transfer service have children with them, we also make child seat requests. In this way, children also have a comfortable journey.
We Provide Transfer Service With Our Experienced Drivers
As Sevenandstar transfer company, we perform our transfer services with our drivers who have experience and have full documents. Our experienced drivers ensure that people reach their desired address without any problem. In addition, they provide service by obeying all traffic rules during the transportation service.
We Provide Transfer Service as Single People or Crowded Groups
As Sevenandstar transfer company, we provide transfer services based on the satisfaction of our customers. For this, we ensure that our customers are taken to their desired places when they are the only people. Likewise, we provide smooth transportation with our suitable vehicles in crowded groups. In order to avoid trouble, our customers need to give the correct number of people in the group at the time of booking. We arrange our vehicles suitable for the number of people and ensure that the transfer takes place easily.
We Provide Transfer Service to Different Districts of Istanbul
As a company, we do not provide a one-stop transportation service for our customers. We provide transfer services to our customers at many points, regardless of the Anatolian side or the European side.
Some of the transfer regions we serve as Sevenandstar transfer company are as follows;
• Sabiha Gökçen airport transfer
• Eyüp transfer
• Beşiktaş transfer
• Sultanahmet transfer
• Pendik transfer
• Beykoz transfer
• Transfer to Şile
We ensure that our customers move to many places outside of these districts. For example, we provide our customers coming to Istanbul to reach their hotels in different districts. We also ensure that people who come to Istanbul for meeting purposes reach the meeting address. In order for our transfer service to be carried out smoothly, we ask our customers to specify their destination at the time of booking. In this way, our transfer vehicles can arrive at the address at the specified time and carry out the transportation process without any problems.
Transfer Service To Historical And Tourist Sites Of Istanbul
As sevenandstar transfer company, we also provide transfer services for our customers who come to Istanbul for sightseeing. We take our customers from the hotel or house where they are staying and deliver them to Istanbul's historical and tourist attractions. Thanks to this, our customers can have a nice trip to Istanbul. We also provide services when it comes to going to different places during the trip and provide them to travel in comfortable vehicles until their trip is complete. 
Some of the historical places of Istanbul where we provide Transfer services are:;
* Sultanahmet Square
* Miniaturk
* Eyüp Sultan
• Cab
* Maiden's Tower
* Suleymaniye Mosque
* Grand Bazaar
* Çamlıca
Our customers who use our Istanbul transfer service can go to such places and find the opportunity to visit. When our transfer vehicles leave them, they can return at any time if they call at the end of the trip or if they have already agreed to a round trip.
We Offer Transfer Services At Affordable Prices
As sevenandstar transfer company, we demand Reasonable Prices from our customers in our Istanbul transfer services. If our customers request extra service during the transfer, we add extra charges to the price. Our customers, who receive transfer services at a more affordable price than our competitors, are satisfied with the attention and service of our personnel and prefer Sevenandstar transfer services in the following periods. If you want to benefit from transfer services for Istanbul, you can make a reservation by contacting our company.

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