İstanbul Vip Transfers

Istanbul Vip Transfers
Our company operates at Istanbul airport and provides transfer services to every region of the city. Our company is preferred for Istanbul vip transfer services. The density of traffic in Istanbul is known to everyone. After arriving at the airport, transportation to the destination will be difficult. Those who want to make a comfortable trip in Istanbul can take advantage of our vip transfer services with our luxury vehicles. Our company will turn Istanbul traffic to your advantage and will allow you to get to where you want to go faster and safer.
Peaceful Journey
As a company operating in the area of vip transfer in Istanbul, we recommend that you choose a good start for your peaceful journey. You can start a peaceful journey with our luxury vehicles and experienced drivers. In order to benefit from these services, you need to contact us by calling our company call center numbers and communicate your requests. We welcome you as soon as you arrive at the airport and deliver you to your destination in Istanbul by offering you comfortable travel opportunities with our vip vehicles. In Istanbul, those who want to make their transportation with our vip transfer vehicles can receive services from us whenever they want.
Appointment Options
Istanbul is the first of our service regions. We offer all kinds of services in the area of passenger transfer. You need to create an appointment for our services and specify the service start point and end point. We want this information to calculate the price of the service to be received, as pricing is done according to the distance to go. 
When creating a service appointment, you can specify the following options:;
* Individual transfer service
* Enterprise transfer service
* Transfer service in bulk
With these options, we can offer vip transfer services. We offer vehicle options based on the number of passengers for passenger transport needs. To avoid limiting our services, we keep a wide range of vehicle options for our vip transfer services.
Making an Appointment
Our Sevenandstar transfer smart appointment system facilitates transportation and enables us to make easier appointments. When you want to make an appointment, you have to provide some information. This information includes your location, address of your destination, when you want to go. When creating an appointment for our services, you need to specify them as one way or round trip. After choosing the vehicle, you can calculate the fee. When you choose large vehicles, you can keep passengers with you according to vehicle capacity.
Our Fleet Of Vip Vehicles
With our Istanbul vip transfer services, we offer comfortable transportation facilities to all our domestic and foreign customers. In order to achieve the desired quality in our services, we keep our fleet of vehicles wide and make it easier for our customers to choose. For Vip services, minibus and bus type vehicles are preferred according to the number of passengers.
* Volkswagen caravelle
* Mercedes sprinter
* Volkswagen transporter
* Mercedes vito
* Volkswagen crafter
We tailor and design the comfort of these vehicles for our Vip services.
Our Istanbul Services
In our Istanbul service area, we provide transportation services within and outside the city. Since continuous organizations are organized in Istanbul, we take our guests from abroad with our vip vehicles and make them travel comfortably until the organization. Foreigners coming to Istanbul for events such as private company organizations, sports activities, fairs and seminars prefer our company to avoid traffic problems and take advantage of our transfer options. Our company has quality vehicles, experienced drivers and interpreters.
Choosing Sevenandstar Transfer
Since we offer the most reliable transfer services at Istanbul airport, we have had the chance to become a preferred company in our industry. When you choose Sevenandstar transfer services, you can make your entire journey quickly, thanks to the most reliable and comfortable vehicles and experienced drivers. The fact that our vehicle fleet consists of large and new vehicles and we have vip transfer services enables us to be preferred by our domestic and foreign customers. Satisfaction has been our priority in our transfer services.

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